Welcome to Perfect Pizze!

We only serve the finest sourdough combined with the freshest ingredients.

Handcrafted Sourdough Pizzas

Crafted with love. We put a lot of effort into perfecting our sourdough to enable us to produce a very distinctive taste and a light and airy crust.

All of our dough is slowly fermented over a 72 hour period to produce extra depth and flavour within the pizza crust using our sourdough culture. Our sourdough culture has been specially developed in Shropshire.

Sourdough is an ancient method of capturing wild yeast to leaven baked goods. A sourdough culture is originally created by mixing flour and water
and letting it sit out for a period of time to capture wild yeast. Once established, a sourdough culture is easy to care for, can last indefinitely, and can be used to make a variety of baked goods.

Our sourdough culture is now in it’s 2nd year of production and producing some fantastic pizza flavours for our customers


Contact us on the below email address if you have any enquiries: Hello@perfectpizze.co.uk

Alternatively call us on 07954 405585 if wish to discuss by phone.

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